February 2 Reflection: SECULAR FAILURES & religious responses

Our Western world has become increasingly secular since the 1960s. The new empires of Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Twitter, the mass media, and consumerism shape our daily lives. At the same time religion has increasingly become marginalized. In the pre-Vatican II days, Christians wanted to save their souls; today they must help save the soul of society. Here are some basic issues that need to be addressed.

Partisan politics

Our political divisions hide deep wounds. The culture wars of the past have infested the whole fabric of society. How can we reconcile CNN and Fox News, the Republicans and the Democrats? The basic attitude of partisanship is, "I'm right and you're wrong..."

Poverty and inequality

We are aware of the increasing inequality. The social safety nets to help escape poverty are being withdrawn, and the new tax law is likely to increase the income of the wealthy few. The 10% increase of military spending to over$630 billion...

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Coming topics: "WE ARE THE CHURCH" -- THE Sacred vs. THE Religious


"Serving the Church by Changing Diapers, and other Mundane Activities" by Jeffrey Morrow

"Parish as Institution or Communio?" by Marti R. Jewell