Do you believe in miracles?


The bible describes miraculous deeds and events, but we may have a more critical view of miracles.

Since Antiquity is was believed that, with the disappearance of the last Apostles, revelation and special gifts have come to an end. On the other hand, the rise of Pentecostalism and the belief in the presence of the Holy Spirit in the churches foster opposite views.

Some people have told me, "What it comes to social justice, let's keep miracles out of it." On the other hand, Catholic charismatics (in Latin America) constantly prayer for miraculous healings; Protestant evangelicals also believe strongly in miracles.

One Catholic parish in Paris has weekly prayer services for the sick; it consists of praying over them with the Blessed Sacrament. The church is usually mobbed. There are reports of miracles nearly every week, e.g. the instant healing of a woman 90% burned in a plane crash. Miracles have been going on there for many years. See a video with testimonies at Other testimonies at:

Observation suggest that there are miracles in most intensely religious communities. For them it makes sense to pray for miracles.

A deep conversion con be considered a miraculous event. According to research, only about one in three conversions is instantaneous; most take time. The same can be said about miracles.