Upgrade your spiritual warfare!


You cannot fight spiritual warfare with little 30 second prayers. You got to upgrade your prayer. Say “Lord, upgrade my prayer life. Upgrade my praise life.” Praise is a weapon. Sometimes when you are attacked and you’re not at church, you have to be able to shout, “The Lord is my shepherd, there is nothing I shall want. He will lay a table in front of my foes. My God is an able God. My God can do everything but fail."

It’s time to upgrade your study of the Word. The Word holds you when life pulls you. The Word will strengthen you when everything around you is shaky. Jesus fought the devil with the Word, “It is written...” Say, “Neighbor, the power is in the Word!”

It is time to tear down strongholds. Strongholds are whatever controls you. You cannot do that, but He can. You have to look at what controls your life and give it an eviction notice. You’ve got to give sadness an eviction notice. You’ve got to give depression an eviction notice. Give anger an eviction notice. When? Say: “Today!”

Sisters and brothers, if we can take authority over our minds, we will win. Unless we win the battle of the minds, we will never win the battle in the streets.

The devil keeps putting images in your mind, but cast them out. “You’ll never walk again” Cast that out! “You will never get well again.” Cast that out. “You’ll always be sick” Cast that out! “You’ll never be happy.” Cast that out! If I consume these thoughts, I am defeated.

You can do that with the Word. Say “Neighbor, if you allow the Spirit to control your mind, you will always win! If you believe that the Spirit is more powerful than your mind you will win!"

Is there anybody here who believes that? Then on the count of three, I want you to bring down whatever is trying to control you right now, with the Word and the blood of Jesus. One-Two-Three! (Shouting:) I can’t hear ya! (Louder:) I can’t hear ya! (With trumpet from orchestra, shouting louder:) Bring down sickness! Bring down depression! Bring down depression! The blood of Jesus is against you! (Shouting:) Take it down! Take it down! Take it down! (trumpet playing)

At the count of three I want you to shake the hands of five people and say “Survivor, Praise God for everything you made captive today.” One-Two-three: Let us celebrate! (Loud music) "I praise God for your victory!" "Yes!" "Yes!" "Yes!"(Applause, shouts, noise.) The choir sings “I got the victory!”

Transcipt of homily byFr. Pfleger, September 13, 2015

Reflection questions:

How will you upgrade your prayer life?
How will you upgrade your study of the Word?

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