The In the Spring of 1992, I came to class at 8 am with a video recorder and told students to have a discussion for me to record. It started at once, but after twenty minutes I had to stop it because it had become too animated: everybody was talking at the same time, interrupting and yelling. Twenty years later I found it difficult to get students to open up about nearly any topic. What has changed? Cell phones, high costs, sense of insecurity, self-absorption.
Are you overworked? Nationally, people work more hours today than 25 years ago, which may lead to a feeling of anxiety and self-absorption. At Universities as elwhere the loads are heavier because of:
- increased expectations (e.g. in teaching and research)
- invasion of emails, meetings, committees,
- increase in cost of living
At what cost? Any of the following:
- relationships and family life may suffer
- increased specialization which restricts exploration
- no time for physical exercise; insufficient sleep
- no time for spiritual readings, prayer or meditation; perfunctory church practices
What can be done?
What do you do to keep your sanity? TELL US!
OR: Are you stretched to your limits but NOT OVERBURDENED?