- Searching for Purpose and Finding God by Bill Warren
- When God Plans Your Life by Mark Miller
Classic ex-Jesuit Life Journey by James Zeitz
Risking Love by David Robinson, SJ
An Unplanned Pilgrimage by Bradley Malkovsky 
- An Overview of a Life of Faith by George Gilmore
- Loaves, Fishes, Daily Faithfulness by Richard Crane
A Tortuous Journey by Dee Christie
- My Faith Journey by Philip Thompson
- Roads taken... by John Lounibos
From Migrant to "Theologian by Peter Phan
My Awakening to the Nature of Religion by Sylvester Steffen
Where I Am Today by Joseph Martos
- The Lord Was in the Gentle Whisper by William Shea
-  My Life with God by Sr. Marie V. Bilgrien
- A Divided Mind by Michael Barnes
- The Autobiography of Francis Buckley, SJ